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Fifa-13 skill moves

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Looking for a list of FIFA 13 5-Star-Skill move players? Check out our 5-star-skill player guide!

I just want to take a moment here to alert you of a guide that should be really helpful in working skill moves into your game. Skill moves can improve your offensive game and we all know how cool it is to do a 360 roulette around your opponent. However, skill moves are quite difficult to get the hang of and then work into your game. The Premier FIFA 13 Guide had a lot of incredible tips that helped me work skill moves into my game. Want proof, check out this video I made a while ago showing off my skills! Again, the Premier FIFA 13 Guide is what I used to help me get that good at skill moves.

Below is a table of all the possible skill moves in FIFA 13. Remember that pretty much every skill move requires for the left trigger to be held down, without it your player will just dribble normally if you are moving the right stick. These controls are the same for both the Xbox and the Playstation, although on the Playstation the trigger you want to use is L2. Note that just these core moves are not the only tricks you can do; you can combine them however you want to create your own unique skill move. Please note that many of these skills can be done with either foot, so they have two versions, which are done using opposite sides on the analog stick.

FIFA 13 features a new style of play in which it is much more difficult to pull off skill moves. Although skill moves have long been an important part of FIFA gameplay, in FIFA 13 you will need to practice these moves a lot in order to get good using them in a game situation.

Skill MoveWatch (GIF)Controls
Sideways RollWatchLT + Right Stick R/L (hold)
Body FeintWatchLT + Right Stick R/L (flick)
StepoverWatchLT + from Right Stick U to R
Reverse StepoverWatchLT + from Right Stick R to U
Fake ShotWatchB, A (quick succession)
BlancoWatchWhile still, LT + press down Right Stick
Inside Circle DragWatchWhile still, LT + Right Stick SW/SE twice (quick succession)
ElasticoWatchLT + from Right Stick R under to L
Hocus PocusWatchWhile still, LT + from Right Stick L to R
RouletteWatchLT + from Right Stick counter-clockwise D to U
Heel-to-HeelWatchLT + Right Stick U, D (quick succession)
Juggle BallWatchLT + RB repeatedly
ATW (Around the World)WatchWhile juggling, LT + Right Stick full rotation starting from bottom
Ronaldo ChopWatchWhile running, LT + Right Stick SW/SE (quick succession)
Overhead FlickWatchWhile still, LT + U, U, D
RainbowWatchWhile running, LT + Right Stick D, U, U (timed)
McGeady SpinWatchLT + Right Stick flick U, flick R
MatthewsWatchLT + from Right Stick L to R
Rainbow VariationWatchLT + Right Stick U, U (hold), D (timed)
Rabona FakeWatchWhile sprinting, LT + power up power meter and cancel with Pass Button while holding back on the Left Stick(back as in in regards to direction sprinting in)
Triple ElasticoWatchLT + from Right Stick U, to R, to L
Scooped Lob PassWatchWhile still, LB + X
Roll and FlickWatchWhile running, LT + Right Stick R (hold), Flick NW
Ball Roll FakeWatchLT + Right Stick L, flick Left Stick R
Ball Roll and BackWatchWhile still, LT + Right Stick R (held), L (held)
Stepover Double TouchWatchLT + Right Stick U, across to R, Left Stick NW
Stop Ball and TurnWatchLT + Right Stick U, flick L
Fast Ball RollsWatchLT + Right Stick D (held)
Fancy Fake Ball RollWatchLT + Shoot/Lob button, Pass button quickly after
Airborne RainbowWatchLT + tap RB constantly throughout, Right Stick D, U, U (timed)
Directional Ronaldo ChopWatchLT + Shoot button, Pass button quickly after, use Right Stick in any of the following directions to designate direction (U, L, R, NW, NW, SE, SW)
Elastico ChopWatchLT + Right Stick D, flick L
90 Degree Scoop TurnWatchLT + X, A, Left Stick L
180 Degree Scoop TurnWatchLT + X, A, Left Stick D
Bergkamp FlickWatchLT + Flick Right Stick D as ball is coming directly toward player.
Reverse Toe BounceWatchWhile juggling, hold Right Stick L.
LATWWatchWhile juggling, Right Stick D, clockwise twice fast.
Reverse ElasticoTemporarily UnavailableWhile moving, LT + Right Stick down and over from L to R.
Hocus Pocus PassTemporarily UnavailableLT + R1/RB + Left Stick U, Tap X
Precision DribblingTemporarily UnavailableL1/LB + Left Stick to Move
Neymar Fake ShotTemporarily UnavailableLT + Lob Pass/Shoot button then Pass button
Neymar Hocus PocusTemporarily UnavailableLT + Hold Right Stick to side, Flick Left Stick Diagonal Up
Ball Roll FlickTemporarily UnavailableLT + Right Stick R, Flick U
Fake Shot and StopTemporarily UnavailableHold Lob Pass/Shoot button then Pass button
Henry PassTemporarily UnavailableR1/RB + Left Stick Diagonal Up, Tap pass button
Face-Up DribblingTemporarily UnavailableLT + RT and Left Stick
Airborne Reverse ElasticoTemporarily UnavailableWhile Dribbling, LT + Right Stick Flick L, Flick R
Backheel ShotTemporarily UnavailableLT + Left Stick D, Tap Shoot button
Precision DribblingTemporarily UnavailableL1/LB + Left Stick to Move

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