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Aircel 3g-2013

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Pocket Internet unlimited data plans

No more confusion in choosing plans.
All Pocket Internet plans work on 3G and 2G networks, across all locations and devices.

  • Unlimited 3G plans, as affordable as 2G, starting from just Rs. 8/day.

  • No extra charges. No hidden costs. Freedom from any bill shocks.

  • Unlimited data on both 3G and 2G with a single pack. No extra cost or packs needed for 2G.

Pick your plan

TypeHigh Speed Data
(@3.6 Mbps)
81Unlimited50MBUp to 3.6 MbpsMobile
173Unlimited100MBUp to 3.6 MbpsMobile
377Unlimited200MBUp to 3.6 MbpsMobile
6715Unlimited250MBUp to 3.6 MbpsMobile
12830Unlimited500MBUp to 3.6 MbpsMobile
19830Unlimited1GBUp to 3.6 MbpsMobile +Dongle
39930Unlimited2GBUp to 3.6 MbpsMobile +Dongle
69730Unlimited5GBUp to 7.2 MbpsMobile +Dongle
99730Unlimited10GBUp to 7.2 MbpsMobile +Dongle

*The performance and speed of data browsing is dependent on network usage patterns. Post reaching fair usage limit, 3G data browsing/downloading speed may be reduced up to 128 kbps for maintaining quality of services as per discretion of Aircel.

**Plans for dongles start from Rs. 198 and work on mobiles as well.
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